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San Francisco Bay Area Uplight Rentals



- CUSTOM UPLIGHTING PACKAGES:  Specially designed uplighitng packages to produce the most economical, and effective, uplighting options. 


- STATE OF THE ART LED UPLIGHTING FIXTURES WITH PRECISION COLOR MATCHING:  Produce any shade, of virtually any color, in any venue. Looking for a color in particular? Visit our Color Codes Chart and provide us with the R/G/B code specific to the color of your choosing. Unsure of how your color of choice will look on the day of? Our DMX controlled uplights allow for us to make any necessary adjustments to the lighting with the touch of a button.  Our specialty fixtures are the most and powerful on the market, and provide for warmer and more pure colors than the standard uplights which are generally available for rental purposes. We utilize R/G/B/A/W/UV technology which allows for us to mix colors more precisely without those unsightly "hues" that appear when creating pastel/amber/white/champagne colors using standard fixtures. Turn your event from an ambient "amber candlelight" effect (during dinner, for example), to a full-blown blacklight party - instantly! 


- COMMERCIAL GRADE CAPABILITIES:  Our fixtures are almost 5 times as powerful as standard LED Uplighting, which allows us to completely transform the look and feel of any venue - regardless of the size of your event space or height of your ceilings. These high performance fixtures make it possible for you to achieve maximum potential, with less fixtures/minimal costs. 


- ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Ultra energy efficient lighting that will not overheat or become overbearing on other vendor's electrical needs. 


- WIRELESS OPERATION: We offer the option of battery powered lighting fixtures with wireless DMX capabilities* which eliminate messy cords and cables to preserve the aestetics of your venue and the safety of your guests.  More importantly, these fixtures allow for uplighting in areas where electricity is not otherwise readily available. 


*DMX capabilities allow for both Static and Dynamic uplighting control and functionality at the touch of a button. [ Static Functionality=one color program for simple decorative purposes only. Dynamic Functionality=multicolor program for dramatic effects which include flashing, fading, and strobing of uplights  (For example,  Dynamic Functionality allows for slow fading uplighting colors during a cocktail hour, or rapidly changing uplighting colors for a dance party). 

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