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Music Mantra not only provides top of the line intelligent lighting fixtures for your event, but our team can actually program, customize, and control the lighting for a dance floor experience that rivals that of even the best of nightclubs. From smaller private events, to larger concert setups - we provide spectacular lightshows which perform in synch with the music, adding to the overall excitement and energy of your event.


Our intelligent scanners are also  compatible with custom monograms, which can be used to project the name of your company, promotional group, or the guest(s) of honor onto the dancefloor, wall, or ceiling.   




Martin's top of the line scanner system allows hyper-bright beams to scan the room much faster than any other light fixture out there!

Martin's signature moving head fixtures which provide  wide angle beams, breath-taking gobos, and superior spot-lighting capabilities.

The best dance lighting technology on the market right now, these state-of-the-art moving head fixtures are capable of handling concert grade applications!












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