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Music Mantra is more than an entertainment provider - we are the life of your event! Need a professional, fun, tactful, witty, well-spoken, and well-mannered personality for your next event? Want to let your guests enjoy their evening without worrying about preparing for, and hosting your event? Music Mantra has you covered!


Our MC's provide a great deal of positive energy and enthusiam while hosting your guests, making announcements, and hyping up the dancefloor. We have a keen sense of timing, are sensitive to social dynamics, have great attention to detail and timing, and really understand our role in the final determination of how the event will be perceived. 


In addition, we really enjoy getting to know our client(s) while planning the most memorable events of their lives. By getting to know our client(s) personalities, we are better able to add that "personal touch" when hosting their event. 


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