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By far, Music Mantra provides the most versatile DJ services in Northern California. From nightclubs to high school proms, weddings to sweet 16's, we have rocked dance floors throughout the nation for over 15 years - and our demand only continues to increase.  


We provide only the highest quality of musical performance by our highly skilled team of DJ's. As seasoned veterans to both the nightclub circuit, as well as the private event market, our internationally renown DJ's are sure to keep you on the dancefloor with their flawless turntable techniques, and  impeccable music selection. Music Mantra DJ's are not only known for their their versatility behind the DJ booth, but their ability to really set the mood - whether its during an ambient cocktail hour, or primetime on the dancefloor....


Music Mantra maintains memberships in the top record pools of the music business, and we receive the latest and greatest dancefloor burning tracks even before they are released locally. We currently specialize in Top 40, Electro House, EDM, Hip Hop, RnB, Reggae, Funk, 60s/70s/80s/90s, Bollywood, Bhangra, and more. The music at each event is custom tailored to meet the demographics of the attendees, and we spend a great deal of time preparing our musical performances in advance (based on our client's requests). Our skilled turntablists spend countless hours practicing mix sequences and transitions in order to provide clients with a mind blowing LIVE performance which combines different genres of music while maintaining the flow of energy on the dance floor. In addition to the painstaking preparations involved in each performance, we are also well equipped to handle any last minute requests with a digital song library of over 50,000 songs - all available on demand at each and every event. Music Mantra is also "Wi-Fi Enabled" at each and every event, meaning we can instantly download any song of any genre in the rare and highly unlikely instance that we don't already have it. 



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