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Our audio/visual crew can setup projections screens for anything from small presentation setups, to grand scale concert style screens.


 LCD screens are also available for rent to display photos and videos in lounge or cocktail areas, or can be mounted to the lighting truss as an added effect to the dance lighting. 


Projection screens and LCDs can both be utilized for slide shows, live camera feeds, or visual effects while the dance floor is open.


Music Mantra utlizes the latest in projection screen and LCD Technology, including "smart" LCD Screens, and short-throw setups that allow for large projection screens to be setup within very little space (5 feet clearance between wall/projector and screen, as opposed to 20 feet clearance required by standard projectors). Our projectors are also "rear-projection" setups, meaning that the projector is placed behind the screen, to eliminate shadows from passing guests, as well as messy cabling in areas which are visible. 

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