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Music Mantra offers novel and unique theatrical rentals for your event which are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Bubble Machines
Dry Ice Machines

Bubble machines can make a great addition to your event, and can be used during wedding ceremonies, first dances, or even on the dancefloor with special UV Bubble Fluid for "glowing" bubbles (when used with our EMBROZE SP-162 Pro UV/Blacklight capable uplighting). 

Dry Ice machines can produce neat theatrical effects with low lying fog, most commonly for that "wow" factor during a bride and groom's first dance on "Cloud 9"...

Co2 Cannons

Our C02 Cannons blast the crowd with Co2 at peak moments on the dancefloor. Blow your guests away and hype up your party-goers with this Las Vegas style thatrical effect, now available for your very own private event. 

LED Glowsticks

Let us provide your guests with free giveaways on the dancefloor which will keep them engaged and having a great time. 

Confetti Machines

Confetti Machines add to the energy and excitement of almost any event, and are another great way of creating some "ooh's" and "ahh's" on the dancefloor during peak moments. 


Laser Lightshows

Laser lightshows are a great novelty to add to your dance lighting package, and will create nightclub like effects that will turn your private event into something spectacular!

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